Ancar S5 C Treatment Unit

Treatment Unit with Cart and Reclining Chair
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Product Brand: Ancar
Product Code: CH-ANC-S5C
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Make work easier

Technological advances allow us to help make professionals’ work easier and achieve the expected results with their patients. One of ANCAR’s objectives when creating new treatment units is to simplify the work of dentists to the greatest extent possible, thus optimising their time and providing better benefits.

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Reclining Chair and Trendelenburg Kit,
adjustable head support,
assistant support with height adjustment,
selective system suction hoses,
Wireless electronic pedal
left and right armrest,
Quick Connect Kit: USB, AIR / WATER, 230V.
DENTAPURE water purification system.
Electronic cart with touch screen connected directly to the chair + Syringe 6F. Inox