Cattani Turbo Smart 'A'

Reliable Suction For Up To 2 Surgeries
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Product Brand: Cattani
Product Code: SUC-CATT-TS/A
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Automatically alters the vacuum level on demand. It has a multi-function digital display supplying information on vacuum level, temperature, servicing, amalgam separation, fault diagnosis and programmable vacuum level.

  • With built in amalgam separation
  • Output power 1.22kW – 7A
  • Maximum operating head for continuous service 2600mm
  • H2O
  • Maximum flow 1400 l/min
  • Noise Level 68.2dB(A)
  • Suggested for two surgeries (can be up-graded for four surgeries)
  • Sound pressure level with canalized air 68.2dB(A)
  • W=400mm D=335mm H=650mm
  • Net Weight=36kg Gross weight=45kg
  • Includes IPSS rated control panel
  • 12 months guarantee